All About Clash of Clans

All About Clash of Clans


To all the gamers that love to disappear into a fantasy world of castles, knights and the entire magic kingdom, here is a game for you! You win by being the best in Battling in arenas reach levels and trophies. How? Here’s a hint…

First things First. IT’S FREE!

Yes, no need to waste all those money for games which you will put aside after playing. The game is simple to play. There are 13 Levels to reach. All that is needed is to Destroy towers or better yet try to get extra points by destroying the opponents “king’s tower”! Doing so, you will gain 3 crowns. Sounds simple right? Well, think again… this game can last for months!

How to start…

When starting clan wars level both players get to keep a “hand” of 4 cards, which will be chosen from the 8 cards given. These are the cards that will help you win by attacking and defending yourself.

And legendary have 5 different levels

Unlocking arena also gives you new cards.  Cards can also be donated. Don’t worry donating a card does not mean you are going to lose it. Once you unlock it, it will still be yours, permanent.


You can win or purchase gems by buying with real money. This will give you access to buy more cards, chests to speed up and unlock levels, and to trade with gold.


Clan wars are reached in level 3. This will allow you to join/start a clan that when you push yourself to your best and congregate. Give and receive help from friends. This is when you start to battle in a friendly way with your clan wars members for clan attacks (clan members can be no more than 50 people).In these tournaments your trophies and chests are safe, meaning none will be lost.


Now that you have a summary please don’t complain and say that you don’t know how to play it just because you are lazy and too cool to read the “how to play”!

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